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Productos que vende
Digital Cameras; Camcorders; Filters; Flashes; Lenses; Lens Caps; Mounts & Extension Tubes; Lenses; Photography Tools; Tripods & Supports; Underwater Housings; Cell Phones; Bluetooth Adapters; Converters; Keyboards; Mouse & Mouse Pads; Cases & Bags; Keybo
Marcas que maneja
Gemei; JXD; Benss; Onda; Ramos; Sciphone; Sanmo; Ainol; Telcast; Bmorn; Aneca; RCHD; ICOO; Chuwi; Coper; Xiaomi
Tipo de Proveedor
Dropshipping; Mayorista
Antigüedad Proveedor Años
Dirección Proveedor
Room 1601; Block North; Cangsong Building Chegongmiao; Shenzhen Guangdong China
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No Minimum Order
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No minimum order requirements
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FocalPrice is an online e-commerce company that offers tens of thousands of products that include consumer electronics; computer accessories; video games; iPod and iPhone accessories; flashlight and communications products. They accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal. They can ship worldwide.

Note: Good source for «China brands» (generic goods) ONLY.